What is Breast Lift?

Before breast surgery You should research information about surgery, risks, outcomes, gather questions you do not understand, consult your doctor, discuss your post operative expectations with your doctor. create a common understanding for the best results

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breast surgery Currently, there are techniques that help in the examination. Surgical planning and during surgery, such as preoperative photo simulation, laser leveling, and endoscope, to help satisfy the surgical outcomes.

Breasts naturally vary from person to person. In terms of the shape of the chest There will be different changes due to factors such as changes in age, weight loss, heredity, pregnancy, breast-feeding, strenuous activities or exercise without supporting clothing. The flexibility of muscles and skin is reduced, causing sagging. Breasts that are too large are often caused by hormones and genetics.

Breast Lift Surgery

Breasts that are unattractive in size and shape or sagging breasts would affect personality Confidence in body shape, socializing, choosing clothes. exercise including daily use breast lift surgery It is a surgery to reshape the sagging breasts to make them look good by cutting off the excess skin. shape Move the nipple back up in the proper position. including reducing the size of the milk yard to be smaller This surgery involves a variety of techniques, such as

– Breast augmentation with Internal lift technique (Breast augmentation with internal lift)

– Breast lift Without breast augmentation (Breast lift without Implant)

– Breast lift with implant

– Liposuction and fat filling

An experienced doctor will be able to give advice. Analyze and choose the appropriate surgical method. causing the best results, enhancing the confidence of women

who is suitable for surgery breast lift

  1. People with sagging breasts caused by aging after weight loss after childbirth
  2. Those whose nipples are in a lower position than normal
  3. Mothers who have breast problems due to breastfeeding
  4. People who are healthy have normal mental health have reasonable expectations of results
  5. Over 20 years old (if under 20 years old, parental consent letter is required. or legal guardian)
  6. Those who are not pregnant or breastfeeding
  7. There are no congenital diseases that are contraindicated in surgery, such as diseases of blood coagulation disorders (Hemophilia), diseases with disorders of wound healing. (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome)
  8. If you want to lose weight You should lose the desired weight before undergoing breast surgery.

Potential risks of breast surgery

All types of surgeries carry risks, but not all of these risks happen to everyone. The doctor will give advice and assess the risks. give an opportunity to ask questions Then together to decide on the surgery.

  1. In the field of scars If there is no previous history of keloid scars Smooth results are usually obtained. hide in the right place
  2. In terms of shape, it may not be as desired. which may occur from many factors but experienced doctors will be able to advise and design surgery to achieve beautiful results that meet the needs

Other risks include wound complications and nipple abnormalities such as numbness or nipple necrosis, which are more common in people who smoke heavily. People with congenital diseases with vascular problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure. Hyperlipidemia, etc., but if the symptoms are well controlled, it is not a contraindication to surgery.

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