Top 3 Free Metaverse Games To Check Out

Multiplayer games that allow you to earn real money have been around for decades, but now there is an entire market of blockchain-based online games that use NFTs as various in-game assets. These games are played within NFT metaverses, and they really allow you to earn considerable amounts of crypto just by playing them. In this article, we explain how such games work and present you a list of the most popular projects that don’t require any initial investments to start playing.

What is a metaverse

Basically, metaverses are virtual worlds that use NFTs as digital assets. If you’re unfamiliar with them, NFTs are unique tokens that can’t replace one another. However, they can be traded for crypto. These tokens can represent any real-world objects ranging from art to real estate. But there are games that use NFTs to represent in-game assets like items, characters, land, and so on. Owning such an asset gives you full rights to the related NFT, and you can freely sell or exchange it.

The majority of such games allow you to earn new NFTs as you progress, potentially bringing you lots of money. That’s why metaverse games have attracted so much attention lately: you can play an easy online game and earn real money simultaneously, and many metaverse projects are free. Let’s look at our list of must-see free games in this niche you should definitely check out.

Gods Unchained

This is your regular trading game that’s pretty similar to Hearthstone. You receive a free deck of cards and start fighting other players earning new cards and building new decks. However, all the cards are NFTs, and you can trade them on many marketplaces or exchange for GODS, the game’s native coin.


The first metaverse project in the modern sense of that word, this is a simple pet simulator. You get to breed digital cats here which are represented by special NFTs. The cats have different abilities which determine the price of a certain pet. That means you can make a really unique cat and sell it for lots of money, potentially cashing out into fiat.

Neon District

A metaverse RPG set in a cyberpunk world, Neon District has lots of PvE and PvP options, and every character or item here is an NFT. You can get new NFTs by passing missions and winning battles, and while this new gear or characters will help you progress further, they can also be sold right away.

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