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Is Facebook Messenger For Couriers Free From Potential Harm?

If you use the Facebook messenger for courier services, you may have wondered if the service is truly free of harm. Facebook allows you to report scams, but the process is not without risks. For example, it may be difficult to report a scam, and the seller may not respond to the complaint, so there’s a risk of being conned. Luckily, Facebook has a solution to this problem: Purchase Protection. If you don’t receive your purchased goods or have an unpleasant experience, Facebook will refund your money.

It’s not surprising that fraudsters are a common sight on Marketplace. But a recent public alert in Houston warned about a man who used four different profiles and robbed people who came in contact with him. He had multiple names and the same profile picture. Cybercriminals compromise Facebook accounts and post high-value items, convincing the buyers to pay in advance, then cut off contact and disappear. Facebook reportedly hired a specialized team to help prevent fraud.

The company hired 400 Accenture employees to police Marketplace. The workers responded to user complaints and reviewed listings flagged by the software. The fact that Facebook has such a high turnover rate among employees has made the service popular for criminals. Even though the company pays its workers well, this system is still susceptible to phishing. As a result, Marketplace users have to be vigilant to avoid scams.

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