How To Choose The Right Money Transfer App

With modern technologies, sending or receiving money is extremely easy, and you don’t even need to hold cash in your hands. Just a couple of taps on your phone can send any amount of money across the world, and the entire process may take about a second. However convenient that may be, there is still something to think about. You should definitely choose the right app for sending money, because you don’t actually want to pay too much in fees or wait for too long. In this article, we’re going to list a couple of really great apps for transfers and help you choose between them.

Choosing an effective one

There are literally hundreds of apps out there that allow you to send or receive money internationally, so the question is not how to find just a decent one. You should consider how effective those apps are in terms of features and fees. Sometimes you need a really advanced app with numerous additional options, and if you’re ready to pay additional money for such an app, that’s fine. But most of the time, people look for a reliable and user-friendly money transfer app with just a couple of important features and low fees, and we’re going to show you a couple of apps like this.


A well-known fintech company from the UK, Revolut is basically an online bank now. Its app is one of the best when it comes to money transfers, especially international ones. The app is very simple, and the customer service quality is top-notch. But there are many investment features there as well, which means you can trade stocks or crypto right on the go in the same app. The app has notably low fees: you will be charged just 0.45% for any transfer in a supported currency.


Wise is another simple and cheap app that allows you to make transactions to about 70 countries with real exchange rates applied. There are no hidden fees, no amount limits, and no delays. You pay only 1.25% for debit cards, but what’s really great about Wise is the speed of transactions. All the transfers are available to recipients instantly, even if the funds were sent across the world.

Square Cash

Square Cash is a convenient tool for international transfers that stands out by offering a flat rate: you’ll have to pay $0.25 for each transaction, and that’s it. The speed is exceptional as well: the money gets sent instantly, so you won’t have to wait even for a minute.

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