Essential Parts Of The Custom Skateboard

The perfect skateboard is hard to achieve. However, there are some things that you can do to find the best custom skateboard for you. This article will cover all the important factors that help make up your perfect skateboard.

The perfect skateboard is hard to achieve. You need to look at the Alibaba custom skateboard collections. It all starts with the deck. The shape and size need to be just right, so you can pop off your board without any problems or fear of injury. Then, you have the trucks and wheels. The trucks need to be sturdy enough to not break on impact but are not too heavy for your comfort. If they are too heavy, you will feel like carrying a suitcase with every step.

Right shape and size

The deck has to have the right shape and size. The deck should have the right material. It should be a good size for your weight and height. The deck should also have durable material to withstand the weight of your feet, which is why you’d want it to have an excellent grip tape on the top.


So, now that you know the basics of skateboarding, it’s time to get your hands on a board. You’ve probably heard about trucks, but what are they? Trucks are the part of your skateboard that connects the wheels to the deck and determine how fast or slow you can go and how much control you have over your riding. They consist of a baseplate and hanger connected by axle nuts, allowing for smooth turning and stopping.

There are two kinds of trucks: Independent trucks with no mounting hardware or Traditional hangers attached directly to trucks. The independent style offers more grinding flexibility, while the traditional allows for better stability at higher speeds when carving down hills.


Bearings are the most important part of your skateboard. They’re what allows you to skate fast and do tricks, so they require proper care. However, there might be times when it’s hard for people to maintain their bearings.


The wheels are the essential part of your skateboard. They’re what you use to ride, and they must be able to handle a lot of abuse, which is why they are of high-quality urethane. They can take a real beating without damage, making them perfect for beginners or advanced skaters. The wheels also need to be precision-made to be round and durable. You don’t want them deformed after one session on your new custom skateboard because it won’t roll straight, and you could fall off while using it!

You also have to consider the wheel’s hardness. That is also something that depends on you. If you want more speed, then get harder wheels. If you wish to control better, then get softer wheels. It is up to you.

Grip tape

Grip tape is an essential part of a skater’s skateboard. It can either make or break your skateboarding experience, depending on how it feels on your feet and how well it holds up to regular use. Most people don’t mind grip tape because they do not think about it much, but if you spend money on a custom board, the grip should be one of your priorities.

Deck shape

The first thing to consider when choosing a deck shape is how much space you want between your feet on the ground and where those feet you will position while riding. Most boards have tails larger than their noses, giving them balance when standing still or riding at slow speeds.

Final Words

The best custom skateboards are available at Alibaba. You can easily find the best skateboard here.

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