Do Entertainers Wear Their Own Garments in TV Shows?

During the audition process, many aspiring singers and actors wear their own clothes. Top designers, too, rent out their clothes or give them away free of charge. They want to promote their designs, so they never wear the same outfit twice. And the good news is that the clothes they wear on television shows are not thrown away – they’re returned to the rental house after the show!

While most studios have a policy that no assets can be sold, promised, or used again after filming, they will typically hold on to the clothing until edits are complete or reshoots are completed. Some big studios operate rental houses and roll over their stock from show to show. The Deuce, for example, did not renew season two, but its wardrobe was rolled over to the following season. This practice means that clothing is rarely discarded after filming, and the principal actors’ clothes are kept in “closets” until they find new jobs.

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Although celebrities may receive clothing as gifts or promotional opportunities, they do not typically wear their own garments on the set. The clothing is usually sourced by the producers and given to the actors for promotional purposes, though they may also borrow it for another use. The principal actors rarely dress themselves on set because they do not want to risk losing their personal property on set. If they do, they should request that producers give them permission to borrow and sell the clothes.

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