9 Fun Ways for Adults to Learn English at Home

Learning English seems like a daunting task for adults. No doubt, learning a new language has its challenges. But they can be overcome if one remains consistent. Learning a new language does take its share of time and energy, but learning it is worth it. And, English has special significance in the world because it is a global language. So, spending time on learning will boost your career and will open opportunities for you.

9 Fun Ways to Learn English:

To make your English learning journey easy, I’m going to share 9 fun ways through which you can learn English. So, let’s start with the list.

1. Use flashcards:

It is the most fun and exciting way to build your vocabulary and enhance your knowledge. In it, you have to write different exciting sentences or paragraphs on flashcards. For the activity, take a list of words just like verbs starting with B. Write different paragraphs in which you will use words from the list. Either write sentences or paragraphs or short stories from the words. This will be a fun activity and will expand your vocabulary and will build your grammar.

2. Read whatever you find:

Try to read every piece you find in your home. Try to comprehend them, and if you are unable to do it, use a dictionary.

You can read paragraphs, pamphlets, novels, magazines, recipe books, scripts and short stories. Read whatever you want and from wherever you want. Your surroundings, your google and marketplaces are full of English written pieces. Find them, read them and comprehend them. This activity will help you in understanding and writing English.

3. Readout loud:

This activity will help you in developing your pronunciation and English speaking muscles. So, what do you have to do?

When reading any piece, try to read it aloud. Read any famous short story. Record yourself and then listen to the recording. After that, find the recording of that story or paragraph on the internet. Famous stories do have their recordings on YouTube. Listen to it, compare your recording with it, and make notes of your mistakes. Practice the real pronunciation and demolish your mistakes.

4. Practice with friends or family:

Make a group of friends or family members who wish to learn English.  Set learning goals with them to make the learning journey enjoyable.

Plan English movies, share book reviews, do English communication and set writing goals with them. These activities will increase your learning pace. Having a buddy will provide you with a support system.

5. Friendship with English native speakers:

You can find English native speakers on different social media websites. You can inbox them and can become friends with them. Try to have an informal or formal conversation with them on different issues. This exposure will teach you a lot about the English language.

If you love traveling and can afford trips, do make a tour to English speaking countries. This tour will not just teach you about language but will also broaden your vision of life.

6. Use online Translators:

The online translators will help you in having a better understanding of a word or phrase. Translating a word or phrase into your language will give you a better idea of how to use them.

Also, online translators have speaker icons with them. If you click it, google will pronounce the word. So, the online translator will not only clarify a word for you but will also tell you its pronunciation.

7. Give treats to yourself:

As you are learning from home, you can feel less motivated at some moments. To keep yourself motivated, set goals and prices for yourself. Make a schedule for your week and stick to it. Treat yourself whenever you will complete any milestone.

8. Watch English Programmes

Another activity to enhance the English language is to watch different English programmes. They will not only entertain you but will also familiarize you with English culture. They will develop your English communication skills, pronunciation and vocabulary.

9. Take different free online courses:

Free online courses will also help you in achieving your goals. Different native speakers are giving free online courses on different websites.

The benefit of taking free educational resources is that they will keep you motivated.  You will feel less motivated and less confused if you take an online course.

These nine ways will help you in achieving your language learning goals in a fun way. They are easy to follow and can make you an expert in the English language.

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